At Hawkeye our experienced clerks deliver a consistent high quality inventory preparation service with detailed reports produced quickly and efficiently. We work for a range of customers ranging from individual landlords to large corporate Letting agencies. We have the resources to provide you with a professional inventory which will ensure you have the detailed record of your property at the outset of the Assured Shorthold Tenancy to enable to you to effectively manage your tenancy and deposit dilapidations.

Why an inventory?

It’s simple. Whether you’re a landlord or tenant, inventories give you legal protection against any disputes that may arise either during or after a tenancy period.

A professional, independent inventory can be used in court to prove the condition of a property if there’s a dispute regarding damage, theft, loss or the deposit. That inventory must be robust and defensible, witnessed and signed by all parties if it is to be held up as a proper indicator of the facts and be confidently accepted by an adjudicator or court.

It’s the most reliable way to legally prove that a property has been left in the same condition it was entered.

Amateur inventories which haven’t been prepared by an independent third party aren’t completely worthless, but in the case of a dispute, they can be open to awkward questioning. What’s the relationship between the landlord and the person who prepared the documents (often a letting agent)? Do they have a vested interest in supporting the landlord? Have dated and independently verified photographs of the property at both check-in and check-out been included?

A professionally produced inventory report is your insurance if a dispute comes to court.

Check In Reports

We will accompany the tenants to do a visual check of the property by the clerk who describes the contents detailed within the compiled inventory report.

Any changes and amendments agreed between the Tenant and Clerk are also noted immediately on both the tenants and landlords copy of the inventory report.

The inventory Clerk also records details of which keys the Tenant has been provided with. In addition to taking and recording all utility meter readings and checking smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, on the date of the Tenant Check In (where and when possible).

The Clerk and Tenant agree the condition of the property at the time of the Check-In and subsequently sign both sets of Inventories. One copy of the signed and Completed Inventory Report is left with the tenant, with the second signed copy being sent to either the Landlord or their Lettings Management Agent.

Final Inspections (also known as Check-outs)

Once the tenant has vacated, the property will be inspected as thoroughly upon the final inspection, as it was before they took occupation and the original inventory was carried out. Obvious or significant discrepancies will be reported to the Managing Agent/Landlord. The report will record all damaged/soiled/missing items and whether in the opinion of the Clerk, the tenant is responsible and thus liable for charges.

However, the law allows for Fair Wear & Tear and this will be taken into consideration when the final inspection report is compiled.

The Clerk’s assessment of condition and fair wear and tear is totally impartial and intended to solely report and record the facts of the Final Inspection assessment on the day. The Inventory Clerk will collect the keys from the Tenant and return them to wherever required and take final utility meter readings.

The Clerk and Tenant then agree to final assessment and sign the Final Inspection Report. The original copies are again provided to all relevant parties.

Periodic Inspection Report:

Also known as: Interim Tenancy/Inspection Reports/Mid Term Inspections.

These reports are carried out during the course of a tenancy and provide a report of the condition while tenants are occupying. Usually carried out quarterly, the Inventory Clerk attends the property to report on general cleanliness, tidiness and decorative condition of a property, to ensure it is being maintained to a reasonable standard, as well as testing the smoke alarms are working.

A summary report is compiled by the Inventory Clerk and provided in pdf format to the landlord or their management agent.

These reports are particularly useful for landlords which have longer term tenants, in providing an early indication of how well their property is being maintained and whether there are any remedial work necessary to be carried out. The Interim Checks are also useful for landlords who are unable to attend the premises in person and need an assessment of the general condition of the property.