Final Inspections

Services-page-Final-Inspections1Once the tenant has vacated, the property will be inspected as thoroughly upon the final inspection, as it was before they took occupation and the original inventory was carried out. Obvious or significant discrepancies will be reported to the Managing Agent/Landlord. The report will record all damaged/soiled/missing items and whether in the opinion of the Clerk, the tenant is responsible and thus liable for charges.

However, the law allows for Fair Wear & Tear and this will be taken into consideration when the final inspection report is compiled.

The Clerk’s assessment of condition and fair wear and tear is totally impartial and intended to solely report and record the facts of the Final Inspection assessment on the day. The Inventory Clerk will collect the keys from the Tenant and return them to wherever required and take final utility meter readings.

The Clerk and Tenant then agree to final assessment and sign the Final Inspection Report. The original copies are again provided to all relevant parties.